COVID-19 Visitation

Visitation is now allowed for most Residents who are not actively fighting an infection.  It is recommended that each visitor have a COVID-19 test, rapid or PCR, during the 48 hours before visit.  If you cannot arrange a test, please let us know for possible testing at the center. Vaccination of visitor and/or resident will determine activities permitted during visitation. All visitors must adhere to infection prevention practices by wearing a face mask, keeping six feet or more physical distance from others and performing hand hygiene before and after the visit. Visitors will need to remain in the designated visitor locations which will be reviewed at the time of the visit.  Visitors are prohibited from walking freely throughout the center. You will be told if you require other personal protective equipment when you arrive.

Please see the attached Visitation Fact Sheet which was provided by California department of Public Health.

Visitation Fact Sheet – Skilled Nursing Facilities (nursing homes)

We will continue to provide you with updates as they become available.  Please click [here] to view our current COVID-19 visitation status.